Why vacuum excavation?

Vacuum excavation is a non-destructive digging method that, instead of using bulky, messy, and dangerous traditional excavators, uses vacuum excavators to break up soil with high-pressure water and suck it up into a tank. This vacuum digging method is ideal for digging around sensitive infrastructure, underground utilities, and tree roots, as it minimises the machine’s contact with fences, houses, powerlines, and obstacles surrounding the dig site, as well as minimising the impact of a traditional excavator bucket on the obstacles in the dig site itself.

General vacuum excavation services

Pier Hole Excavation

Pier hole excavation

We complete vacuum digging for pier holes, which concreters pour concrete into for the strengthening of building foundations atop them.

Post Hole Excavation

Post hole excavation

We perform non-destructive digging for fence post and signage installation on residential projects, road projects, agricultural projects, and more.

Excavation For Silo Foundations

Excavation for silo foundations

We complete vacuum excavation in site preparation for new silos, taking into consideration their building requirements, concrete slab requirements, and more.

Under Footpath, Gutter, and Kerb Excavation

Under footpath, gutter, and kerb excavation

Digging material underneath footpaths, gutters, and kerbs without destroying and rebuilding the infrastructure has never been easier with our hydrovac excavation method.

Hire vacuum excavation for utility services and more across NSW and the ACT.

Vacuum excavation for utilities

Underground Utility Location

Underground utility location

We perform non-destructive digging services for utility location, including potholing, which is digging a test hole to expose underground utilities and measure their location.

renching for Utility Installations

Trenching for utility installations

We complete trenching works for utility installation projects, including sewer line installation, pipeline installation, fibre optic installation, and more.

Waterline and Irrigation Repairs

Waterline and irrigation repairs

Need to find a leaky pipe or broken conduit without damaging the rest of the system? Vacuum digging can excavate the soil and leave the utilities themselves unharmed, ready to repair.

Enquire today about how Central West Hydro Vac can serve your next project.

Wet hire our hydrovac trucks

Central West Hydro Vac’s team operate and maintain two late model Hino vacuum trucks with high-performance Vacvator units for use on all our vacuum excavation services. Find out more about our plant and equipment, expert machine operators, and why you should wet hire a vacuum truck on our Vac Truck Hire page.

Areas we serve

The Central West Hydro Vac team provides vacuum excavation services across New South Wales and ACT locations up to 400km from our headquarters in Canowindra. Some of the locations that we most frequently serve include:

  • Bathurst

  • Canowindra

  • Cobar

  • Cowra

  • Dubbo

  • Forbes

  • Goulburn

  • Griffith

  • Orange

  • Parkes

Get in touch

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